yakshini: 1 of the most freaking horror story


 yakshini: Part 1

yakshini:- This is the 1st part of yakshini series we will soon write it’s second part.

The Mysterious Woman


Riya had never seen anyone like the woman at the crossroad before. Her beauty was mesmerizing, but there was something unsettling about her as well. The woman seemed to radiate a strange energy that sent shivers down Riya’s spine.

As Riya walked closer to the woman, she noticed that the surrounding air had grown colder. The woman’s eyes met Riya’s, and for a moment, time seemed to stand still. Riya felt as if she was being drawn towards the woman, but a voice in her head warned her to stay away.

Riya quickly turned and walked away, feeling a sense of relief as she put some distance between herself and the mysterious woman. However, as she looked back, she saw that the woman was still standing at the crossroad, watching her with an intense gaze.

Riya shook her head and tried to shake off the feeling of unease. She had a long way to go before she reached home, and she didn’t want to be out after dark. Little did she know that the encounter with the Yakshini would change her life forever.

The Curse

Days after her encounter with the Yakshini, Riya began to feel unwell. She developed a high fever, and her body was wracked with pain. Her parents took her to the local doctor, but he couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Riya’s condition continued to deteriorate, and her parents grew increasingly worried.

One night, Riya’s mother had a dream in which she saw the Yakshini. The entity appeared to her in a terrifying form and warned her that Riya was under her curse. She told her that unless they performed a specific ritual, Riya would never recover.

The next day, Riya’s parents consulted with the village priest, who confirmed that Riya was indeed under the curse of a Yakshini. The priest explained that Yakshinis were supernatural entities known for their beauty and malevolent powers. They could be invoked to help humans, but their services always came with a price.

The priest suggested performing a ritual to summon the Yakshini and break the curse. Riya’s parents were desperate and agreed to do anything to save their daughter’s life. They gathered at the temple, along with the priest and a few other villagers, and began the ritual.

As they lit candles and chanted prayers, the room grew colder, and the candles flickered. Suddenly, the Yakshini appeared before them, her beauty bewitching everyone present. She demanded to know why she was summoned, and the priest explained the situation. The Yakshini agreed to lift the curse on one condition – Riya’s soul would belong to her forever.

The Summoning


The Yakshini’s demand for Riya’s soul left everyone in the room stunned. They had not expected such a terrible price to be paid for breaking the curse. Riya’s parents were torn between their love for their daughter and their fear of the Yakshini’s wrath.

The priest intervened and suggested that they bargain with the Yakshini for a better deal. He explained that Yakshinis were known to be cunning and that they could be persuaded to accept a lesser price if the offer was compelling enough.

Riya’s parents agreed to the priest’s plan, and they began to prepare an offering for the Yakshini. They gathered rare flowers, fruits, and other delicacies, which they placed on a silver platter. The priest instructed them to present the offering to the Yakshini and plead with her to accept it in place of Riya’s soul.

The ritual began once again, and the Yakshini appeared before them. This time, she was angrier than before and demanded to know why they had summoned her again. Riya’s parents and the priest presented the offering and pleaded with the Yakshini to accept it in place of Riya’s soul.

After a moment of contemplation, the Yakshini agreed to accept the offering, but she warned them that they could never forget their end of the bargain. If they failed to keep their promise, she would return to claim Riya’s soul.

The Yakshini disappeared, leaving behind an eerie silence. Riya’s parents were relieved that their daughter’s soul was no longer in danger, but they knew that they could never forget the Yakshini’s warning. They had made a deal with a supernatural entity, and they could never forget the price they had paid.

The Bargain

Riya’s parents were overjoyed to see their daughter’s health improve, but they could not shake off the feeling that something was not right. Riya became quiet and reclusive, often staring off into space. Her parents noticed that she was no longer interested in the things she used to love, and she seemed to have lost all joy in life.

One day, as Riya’s mother was cleaning her room, she found a strange book hidden under the bed. The book was filled with ancient symbols and spells that she couldn’t understand. As she flipped through the pages, she felt a cold chill run down her spine. She knew that this book had something to do with the Yakshini.

Riya’s mother decided to consult with the priest again. She showed him the book and asked him to explain its contents. The priest was horrified when he saw the book and told Riya’s mother that it was a powerful grimoire used by Yakshinis to control human souls.

The priest advised Riya’s parents to burn the book immediately, but they knew that it was not that simple. They had made a deal with the Yakshini, and they feared that if they broke their end of the bargain, Riya’s soul would be in danger once again.

Riya’s mother came up with a plan. She would consult with a powerful tantrik and ask him to perform a counter-spell to break the Yakshini’s hold on Riya. The tantrik agreed to help, but he warned them that the spell was dangerous, and they could not afford any mistakes.

The ritual began, and the tantrik performed the counter-spell. The room grew colder, and the candles flickered. Suddenly, the Yakshini appeared before them, furious that they had broken their end of the bargain.

Riya’s parents pleaded with the Yakshini, explaining that they had only done it to save their daughter’s soul. The Yakshini hesitated, but in the end, she agreed to let Riya go, warning them that they would pay the price for their disobedience.

As the Yakshini disappeared, Riya suddenly woke up from her trance. She looked around, confused, and asked her parents what had happened. They hugged her tightly, grateful that their daughter was finally free from the Yakshini’s hold.

The Price of Freedom


After the encounter with the Yakshini, Riya’s parents were relieved that their daughter was finally free. However, they knew that they had to pay the price for breaking their end of the bargain. They were not sure what the consequences would be, but they knew that they had to be prepared.

Days turned into weeks, and Riya slowly returned to her old self. She started to enjoy the things she used to love, and her parents were overjoyed to see her happy again. However, their happiness was short-lived.

Strange things started happening around the house. Objects would move on their own, and doors would slam shut without any apparent reason. Riya started having nightmares, and she would wake up screaming in the middle of the night.

Riya’s parents knew that the Yakshini was behind these strange occurrences. They had broken their end of the bargain, and now they were paying the price for their disobedience. They turned to the priest for help, but he could do little to stop the Yakshini’s wrath.

One night, as Riya was sleeping, the Yakshini appeared before her. She whispered something in Riya’s ear, and Riya suddenly woke up, screaming. Her parents rushed to her room, but the Yakshini was gone.

Riya was traumatized by the encounter, and her parents were at their wits’ end. They knew that they had to do something to stop the Yakshini’s wrath once and for all.

They turned to the tantrik again and asked for his help. The tantrik agreed to perform a powerful ritual to banish the Yakshini from their lives. The ritual was long and dangerous, and the family had to endure several days of intense fear and uncertainty.

Finally, the ritual was complete, and the Yakshini was banished from their lives. Riya’s parents were relieved that their daughter was finally safe, but they knew that they could never forget the price they had paid for breaking their end of the bargain.

From that day on, Riya’s parents were careful never to make any deals with supernatural entities again. They had learned the hard way that the price of freedom could be too high to pay.

Moving On

After the Yakshini was banished, Riya’s parents were relieved that their family was finally free from its hold. However, the experience had left them traumatized, and they knew that they had to move on from the past.

Riya’s parents decided to move to a new city, hoping to start a new life. Riya was excited about the move, and she was looking forward to starting fresh. However, the memories of the Yakshini continued to haunt her, and she was still plagued by nightmares.

As the family settled into their new home, they noticed that strange things were happening again. Doors would open and close on their own, and objects would move without any apparent reason. Riya’s parents feared that the Yakshini had followed them, but they were not sure.

They decided to seek the help of a new priest in their new city. The priest performed a cleansing ritual, and the family hoped that it would put an end to their troubles. However, the strange occurrences continued, and they were once again thrown into a state of fear and uncertainty.

One night, as Riya was lying in bed, she heard a voice whispering in her ear. She sat up, terrified, and saw the Yakshini standing before her. The Yakshini had returned, and Riya’s parents knew that they had to act fast.

They turned to the tantrik once again, hoping that he could help them banish the Yakshini once and for all. The tantrik agreed to help, but he warned them that the Yakshini was stronger than ever before.

The family went through a grueling ritual that lasted several days. They endured sleepless nights and intense fear, but in the end, the tantrik succeeded in banishing the Yakshini from their lives.

The family was relieved that the Yakshini was finally gone, but they knew that they could never forget the experience. They had learned the hard way that dealing with supernatural entities could be dangerous, and they were determined never to make the same mistake again.

Riya’s parents enrolled her in counseling, hoping that it would help her cope with the trauma she had experienced. Riya slowly started to heal, and she began to enjoy life once again.

Years passed, and the family moved on from their traumatic experience. They never forgot the Yakshini, but they were grateful for the lessons they had learned. They knew that they could never take their freedom for granted and that they had to be vigilant against the forces of darkness that lurked in the shadows.

Lessons Learned

As the years went by, Riya grew up and moved away to college. Her parents continued to live in the same city, but they had learned their lesson and never made any deals with supernatural entities again. They had also become active members of a local spiritual group, learning more about spiritual practices and protecting themselves from negative energies.

One day, Riya received a call from her parents. They were worried about her younger cousin, who had started exhibiting strange behavior. Riya knew that she had to help her family, and she immediately made plans to visit them.

Upon arriving, Riya learned that her cousin had started playing with a Ouija board, which had caused the strange behavior. Riya knew that she had to act fast before the situation got out of hand.

She reached out to the spiritual group her parents had joined and asked for their help. The group sent a team of experienced spiritual practitioners to help her cousin, and they performed a powerful cleansing ritual.

The ritual was successful, and Riya’s cousin was free from the negative energies that had been affecting her. Riya’s parents were relieved and grateful for her help, and they knew that they had made the right decision to seek her assistance.

The experience had taught Riya’s family a valuable lesson about the dangers of playing with supernatural forces. They knew that they had to be vigilant and protect themselves from negative energies at all times. They also learned that seeking the help of experienced practitioners was essential when dealing with spiritual matters.

Riya’s family continued to learn more about spiritual practices, and they shared their experiences with others, warning them about the dangers of playing with supernatural entities. They knew that they had a responsibility to protect themselves and others from the forces of darkness.

As Riya left her parents’ home, she felt a sense of relief and satisfaction. She had helped her family and had learned a valuable lesson along the way. She knew that she could never forget the Yakshini and the lessons it had taught her family. And she was grateful for the opportunity to help others in need.

The Yakshini’s Legacy

Years went by, and Riya’s family moved on from their encounter with the Yakshini. But the story of their experience had spread throughout the local community, and it had become a cautionary tale about the dangers of playing with supernatural forces.

The local spiritual group that had helped Riya’s family had become popular among those seeking protection from negative energies. The group’s leaders had studied the Yakshini and its powers and had developed new techniques for protecting against it.

They had also compiled a comprehensive guide on spiritual protection, which included instructions for performing rituals, mantras, and meditations for protection against negative energies.

The group had become a valuable resource for those seeking spiritual guidance and protection, and they had even started conducting workshops and seminars on spiritual practices and protection.

The Yakshini had left a legacy, not just in Riya’s family, but in the local community as well. It had become a symbol of the dangers of playing with supernatural forces, but it had also become a catalyst for spiritual growth and protection.

Riya’s family had also grown from the experience. They had become stronger and more resilient, and they had developed a deeper appreciation for the power of spiritual practices. They had also become more empathetic towards those who had gone through similar experiences and had started helping others in need.

As Riya looked back on her family’s experience with the Yakshini, she realized that it had been a turning point in their lives. It had taught them valuable lessons about the power of supernatural forces and the importance of protecting oneself from negative energies.

But most importantly, it had taught them the value of community and the power of coming together to support one another in times of need. The Yakshini may have caused them fear and pain, but it had also given them the gift of spiritual growth and community.

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